Tuesday, December 28, 2010


So my name is Dan Hendrickson and I've put together a new book. It's called Ballistics Report. I kind of like it. It's written under my pen name, Henry Rifle. Some people have asked me what the difference is between Dan Hendrickson and Henry Rifle. First and foremost, Henry Rifle is a lot more popular than I am. Also, he also wears sunglasses ALL THE TIME. I only wear them when I'm driving (and it's sunny). Finally, I would say that Dan Hendrickson is just a guy; Henry Rifle is a way of life.

Another way to say it? Henry Rifle is a hollow, mocking voice stuck in the drain of this place. If he doesn't come to haunt your dreams, it's not for lack of trying.

Nice to meet you.

p.s. I completely screwed up on one of the poem titles in the new book. Oh, and I misspelled a word - solstice. It turns out you don't spell it solistice. Oh, well. The botched copies will be collector's items. That's what I tell myself before I go to bed each night...right before I cry myself to sleep.